When landing becomes a pleasure

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Wireless Yacht Control System

Is your yacht ready for the summer season, which is just about to start? We believe that you have done everything to make the yachting safe and at the same time fun. On this occasion, we would like to remind you of the equipment that will make it easier to operate your vessel during docking in a marina or anchoring.

With the use of the remote control device, the skipper has control over his vessel from any spot on the yacht. High-quality switches and keys are used to control both engines, the bow and the stern thrusters as well as the anchor windlass during anchoring. The remote control unit is encased in an ergonomically designed, watertight housing ensuring simple operation and portability.

During anchoring, complete control of the vessel is possible from the bow, which allows the skipper to precisely determine the position of the anchor and avoid any underwater obstacles. During the weighing of the anchor, proper maneuvering of the vessel is possible right from its bow, thus avoiding any overloads on the anchor windlass and possible entanglement with another anchor.

The Wireless Yacht Control System is patented to achieve safe and high reliability of operation.

When landing becomes a pleasure

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