Wireless Yacht Control System - When landing becomes a pleasure …

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Every skipper or owner of a watercraft has encountered the problem of maneuvering the vessel during docking in a marina or anchoring. Thanks to the Wireless Remote Control System for motor yachts, such problems are now things in the past.

The MYW868B/CP is a RF microprocessor based yacht remote control system specially designed for yacht engines, bow thrusters and anchor windlass controlling. The high quality foil keyboard and relays together with a special software protocol enable high reliability in yacht controlling.

The transmitter is built in an ergonomic and waterproof casing which enables simple management and bearing. This remote control system comes in three versions. Version MYW868B/CP-3 controls the vessel’s engines and anchor windlass; version MYW868B/CP-4 controls the vessel’s engines, anchor windlass and bow thruster and the version MYW868B/CP-5, in addition to engine and bow thruster control, also features stern thruster control.

Check the videos showing how simple is leaving, anchoring, buoying, docking with usage of Wireless Yacht Control System ASTEL MARINE:



Port Engine Control

Starboard Engine Control

• Anchor Windlass Control

• Bowthruster Control

• Sternthruster Control

• Transmit LED Indicator

• Low Battery LED Indicator

• ABS Casing With IP65 Protection

• Low-Power Consumption

• Simple Connecting•

Technical data are available here:


Wireless Yacht Control System - When landing becomes a pleasure …

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