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Illuminated stairs on a yacht

Interior & Exterior LED Lights ARCUS

The lighting of the stairs has not only practical and safety function but also aesthetic, as it can significantly contribute to the unique look of the yacht. The stairs can be perfectly illuminated by lights integrated into them.

ARCUS LED Lights can be installed in the wall next to the stair or above it. Illumination thus falls from the side or vertically to the step and is just of a right powerfulness for a smooth walk. Various models of ARCUS series allow to choose between round or square front shape and the direction of straight or angular lighting. Thanks to the high resistance and stainless steel housing, the ARCUS lights are suitable for interior as well as for exterior lighting of the yacht.

ARCUS lights are ideal for users who want on their boat more than just a lighting. The lights installed in the stairs can evenly continue along the upper edge of the yacht. Thus better visibility is achieved, while the yacht gets its unique character. The color of the light can be changed manually or automatically over the complete group of the lights.

Illuminated stairs on a yacht


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