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EQUATOR Underwater LED Light

Wondering why to choose our underwater light EQUATOR?

Our light is unique on the market because:

• a perfectly aligned front shape

• ultra-thin casing (only 10mm!)

• Aluminium bronze or Stainless steel (SAE316L) material

• 6, 12 or 36 Power LEDs design

• luminous flux from 950lm to 5700lm

• Cool White, Warm White, Blue, Green, RGB or WGB multi-color

• a built-in driver compatible with DMX512 standard control

• surface-mount designed casing for very simple installation

• core advantage - avoid drilling big holes though the hull

EQUATOR Underwater LED Light


  • Dutovlje 138, 6221 Dutovlje, Slovenia
  • Astel d.o.o.