"K": new cam cleat

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To fit a Pillar Fairlead, introduce the correct size K Cam into the base with jaws opening towards the stainless steel hoop base, add the top cap when fitting the fixing screws.

Using a sharp point, mark the position on the surface to which the pillar fairlead is to be attached through the two fixing holes.

Centre punch the marks then drill through the surface with either a 4mm bit for the 70 105 fairlead or 5mm bit for the 70 205 and 70 305 fairlead. Purchase long enough socket head or round head M4 (70 105) or M5 (70 205/70 305) machine screws to enable fitment of penny washers and lock nuts on the underside.

Use a quality sealant in the bolt hole and on the screw shaft to prevent leaks then tighten both up with a just moderate force, being careful not to lock up the K Cam jaws. Always seek advice if uncertain.

For light applications, round head 4mm screws can be used to affix the smallest 70105 pillar fairlead with 70100 K Cam, use a 3.2mm drill bit in this instance.

Periodically flush the K Cams through with fresh water to help maintain performance and long life.

"K": new cam cleat

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