Bering 70 construction in progress

Bering Yachts
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Bering 70 is a new and exciting direction for Bering Yachts. The striking unique design is done by Scott Blee and Sabdes Yacht Design. This is the first yacht among Bering yachts which is available in semi-displacement hull capable of reaching 18 knots.

The modern high-end interior features two internal guest decks, main and lower decks with an open air deck that includes a secondary helm station.

A number of new standards were put in place when designing the new Bering 70. Some of them included: the ability to present smooth and comfortable motion even in the roughest conditions, a relatively shallow draft that allows easy navigation in the shallow waters of the Caribbean and inner water passages. The mast can rotate down through 90-degrees to reduce the yacht''s air draft in case of low bridge passage. The very efficient and easily driven hull form utilizes low power engines to give excellent fuel economy. To aid in the comfort for extended cruises or the live-aboard passengers, space on board is smartly used to make the vessel feel larger than it is. Finally, if you take into account the optional use of the hybrid propulsion system, which is an eco-friendly solution helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the vessels, you will see an elegant vehicle for expedition or relaxation.

Bering 70 construction in progress

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