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BESENZONI launches PE-175: the new gangway dedicated to sailing boats

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Besenzoni product range for sailing boats is completed by a universe of accessories designed to offer light weight, strength, maneuverability and compact sizes. The use of high- performance materials such as aluminum or carbon, functional and innovative design solutions, accurate manufacturing processes and rigorous testing are the best guarantee of quality offered by the company, which is world leader in the design of boats accessories. With over 170 products collected in 7 collections, Besenzoni offers the widest range available on the market.

The remarkable design flexibility and the most modern production technologies allow Besenzoni to offer customized solutions, designed and developed to meet the specific needs of single owners, in respect of indications recommended by architects, designers and planners.

The capillary assistance network is composed of 164 units worldwide; it ensures immediate intervention, not only during the warranty period, but throughout the entire products life, everywhere, relieving owners and crews of any technical problem and enabling the pleasure of a quiet and carefree holiday.

“Production of high quality, technologically advanced nautical products, with a distinctive design, which can be realized on industrial scale or tailored for each customer. Combined to overall assistance, anytime and anywhere”. Today Besenzoni renovates its mission, faithful to its fundamental values of stylistic and technological research, absolute attention to detail superb quality and an excellent service network to guarantee the safety and reliability of its products.

BESENZONI launches PE-175: the new gangway dedicated to sailing boats

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