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Scan Magazine, Scandinavian design, Bluet Floating Solutions: Limitless floating solutions

Bluet is a Finnish company, specialising in floating construction solutions. From swimming pools to shopping centres and offices, building on water is becoming an increasingly attractive option as it is easily modifiable and environmentally sustainable – and Bluet believes the future is floating.

Floating construction and waterfront development is gaining in popularity, and cities and companies are increasingly looking at waterfront areas, and how they can be developed into multifunctional spaces for people to enjoy. “Land area is a limited entity. As cities and companies are increasingly gravitating towards the waterfront areas favoured by consumers, the land areas that can be developed are decreasing. Our solution is to build on water, therefore increasing the space available, without having to touch the shoreline and beach area, for example,” says Tytti Sirola, Bluet’s managing director.

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  • Jaakonkatu 2, 01620 Vantaa, Finland
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