SEA TRIAL// Morgann 5.50 the pocket yacht

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This fun and graceful little sloop provides all the pleasures of pure sailing.

Ideal for sport as for the ride in calm waters, the little brother of the pretty Morgann has no shortage of assets to seduce lovers of beautiful units or explorers of the most varied bodies of water. A sympathetic is close to the spirit of tradition.

With its rear slenderness, its well rounded crown and its emerged brion, this Morgann looks great. If elegance is at the rendezvous, let us not forget however that it is a dinghy: the slightest laughter animates it it is advisable, despite the 110 kilos of the drift in cast iron, to play the recall to maintain the side trim. Permanent movements between the front and the rear of the cockpit will also compensate for the effects of the short flotation length - barely 4 meters. Well laid, it goes up perfectly thanks to its sail and its most modern rigging but beware of the weak freeboard - 35 centimeters - which also reminds us to be vigilant!

The upward-looking planing hull works wonders and offers sensations worthy of our best dinghies. Nearly 15 square meters of canvas supported by a beautiful genaker - optional - indeed allow great performances. In short, this small yacht has dogs and this is not to displease the clientele of Franck Roy, its builder. Since April 1999, from the launch of the first Joli Morgann - the same and bigger - the young Charente Maritime carpenter has successfully opted for sporty sailboats of classic appearance. Twenty copies of the Joli Morgann sail today while nineteen Morgann have seen the light of day in two years. A replica of the Wolf, launched in 2001 is also very popular.

All this, of course, to transform our craftsman into a business owner.

Twelve employees are busy today in 1,000 square meters of hangars in Marrans to fulfill a well-filled order book. The original spirit of the beautiful work instilled by Franck Roy remains intact, as evidenced by the care taken in the construction of this brother of the pretty Morgann designed by Jean Yves Manac'h.

The laminate shell formed in a female mold is composed of 2 layers of roving-mat 600 then 3 layers of mat ranging from 300 to 450 grams per square meter. The thickness of 5 millimeters in the tops and 7 millimeters in the bottoms. The fiber-reinforced polyester deck is screwed glued to the hull - a solid connection that elegantly conceals a strip in varnished sipo. The essential finishes use mahogany for coamings bench, bar and other ferns while a teak, straight or curved lathing is available as an option.

Even the invisible has the right to the best of intentions. The cast iron fin is thus provided with a stainless steel axle resting on nylon bearings. Two keys of 22 are sufficient to extract it from the well for repair or special maintenance. The finishes also demonstrate care: all the mahogany systematically receives eight layers of varnish (six layers of two-component and two layers of mono-component) and the live work is coated with epoxy before antifouling. On the rigging side, the standard version offers an aluminum mast of marqua AG + painted in the oven in white, ivory or simply the color of the hull. Finally, the relatively simple fittings. Exclusively uses the manufacturer Harken only the mast foot binoculars are made in-house in stainless steel.

In addition to the front and rear buoyancy volumes of the old models, the space included under the gangways has recently been added. Thus 650 liters of foam not only keep the sailboat on the surface but also allow it to continue its journey. Time to bail out safely. The storage volumes have suffered a little but nevertheless remain a small lockable chest under the front tillac and one or two storage pockets under the gangways

Small boat, small worries…

In solo, we will greatly appreciate the self-tacking jib, the well-multiplied listening returned to a turret in the center of the boat and the lightness of the bar, whose stick allows you to move forward to center the weight. In double - the ideal number for the regatta -, the team member will apply to the adjustment of the wing without having to move. Adjustable backstay, Stockings, halyards, sheets: everything is close at hand. As a family, the small bench is perfect for the comfort and safety of children while adults will not be embarrassed.

Finally, when traveling, the 450 kilos of the Morgann 5.50 with its trailer can be forgotten on the road: its ease of implementation - the mast on binoculars weighs only 12 kilos - makes all bodies of water truly accessible.

"Small boat, little worries" in short, with the shadow of a constraint inherent in all classic yachts regardless of their size: varnishes! however robust they may be, they always need to be redone.

Certainly, on this small sailboat the task is not herculean but it will still be necessary to know how to give it a little elbow grease from time to time. It is the price to pay to maintain the brilliance of a beautiful boat. And certainly this Morgann 5.50 is one.


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