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DELTANAB & ECONAB: anti-spill fuel systems for refuelling fuel tanks of boats

DELTANAB support allows the installation of an ECONAB deck entry on a vertical console of a semi-rigid boat.

The vent is integrated into the support which enables a compact installation of the deck entry.

A single drilling procedure is needed for the installation (depending on the template provided).

It is made of aluminum in the same quality finish as ECONAB deck entry.

The support/material is delivered with the ECONAB deck entry

Our company is specialised in the development and design of anti-spill fuel systems for refuelling fuel tanks of boats.

Our main aim is to prevent any spillage (zero spillage).

Econab deck entry is certified by the Bateau Bleu label which is exclusively dedicated to members of the French Nautical Industries Federation. The Econab anti-overflow deck entry for fuel tanks may be installed in place of the standard deck entry on the vent circuit.When filling a car at a service station, the pressure caused by fuelling causes fuel to escape through the filler cap this permits the automatic cut-off system when the tank is full.

All our anti-overflow systems are developed and manufactured in France

Ecological (zero spillage)

Easy installation

Assembled on new boats or existing ones

Anti-theft fuel grid

Suitable for all types of fuel

Installation on all types of boats

Installation in the place of a standard deck entry