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Daevi collaborates with BCN Marine Store

BCN Marine Store and Daevi have signed a collaboration agreement at the headquarters of BCN Marine.

BCN Marine Store, the distributor of nautical products that offers all its experience to offer solutions to its customers, signed last April 6th, a collaboration agreement with Daevi which allow to BCN Marine Store distribute all the nautical products that Daevi offers in its catalog.

This agreement join two strong companies of the sector, and will help both professionals who are involved in the repair and maintenance of boats who are looking for temporary protection solutions.

Thanks to this collaboration, all the sector experience of BCN Marine Store and the quality of the nautical temporary protection expert, Daevi.

We thanks to Rosa, Marc and Toni for their great disposition.

Showroom Daevi's product in BCN Marine Store


  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Daevi