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Do not settle for the standard measure

Our masking film with tape, cover all wide needs.

In Daevi we develop temporary protection products that cover all your needs. Both small areas and large areas.

In the case of small areas, we offer you the Masking film 20cm wide. It is the smallest roll you will find on the market. Daevi is the unique manufactures worldwide. It is especially intended for really small or poorly accessible work areas, such as small parts, switches, handles, etc., all places where a film is required that fits well to the surface, easy to handle and cut.

For large surfaces, we offer you the Masking Film 260cm wide. It is the widest roll we make and is especially suitable for large areas, such as paint booths, aircraft fuselage, train bodywork, superyachts or large pavement areas.

Between these two measures, you will find a wide variety to choose which suits your work.







All the rolls are folded to facilitate their manipulation. Large measurements, such as the 180 or 260 are folded up to 4 times, and still do not lose the ease of cutting using simply the fingers.

Daevi, as manufacturers, can manufacture the plastic roll with tape to the extent that best suits your needs, both wide and long.

We work for important brands, personalizing their product *.

Do you want us to personalize yours as well?

Mail us with your inquiry to

* Subject to confidentiality agreements.

Do not settle for the standard measure


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