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Daevi Quick Mask Product Range

25 years ago, Daevi created the Masking Film with tape, the original. Now, we continue innovating.

Thanks to our invention (patent number 9200795) we started the path to make the work of many professional painters easier.

Thanks to time savings and easy application, they saw the performance of their work increased.

Currently, Daevi continues to innovate in its main product. We continuously develop improvements and variations in the product to extend the applications of the product in all kind of jobs.

We show you our Quick Mask Daevi product range.

Quick Mask Daevi:

Film and masking tape roll with 80 ° resistant crepe tape up to one hour. The standard product that has improved the qualities of the adhesive to ensure that it does not leave glue residue after its application. Corona and electrostatic treatment on both sides, ensuring surface adhesion and paint spray attraction, helping to keep the work area cleaner. Its special composition allows it to be cut with the fingers, without cutting tools, both in vertical and horizontal, which greatly facilitates the protection of the surfaces, adapting to the exact measurement of the area of work.

Quick Mask Daevi UV:

Plastic roll with special tape resistant to UV rays and environmental inclemency, such as extreme heat, humidity, etc ... Especially suitable for outdoor work, such as boat maintenance, construction, industrial painting, floor application, etc. ..

Quick Mask Daevi Rice:

Plastic roll with special rice paper tape, resistant to high temperatures without leaving any type of tail residue on the surface. It is a very thin tape, and with a high resistance to heat and humidity.

Quick Mask Daevi Waterproof:

Plastic roll with special tape with high resistance to water and moisture. Supports temperature up to 100º. Specially dedicated to the protection of parts that are wet or susceptible to receive water.

Quick Mask Daevi Delicate:

Plastic roll with special ribbon for delicate areas, made with a lightweight adhesive that allows the tape to be hooked on any delicate surface guaranteeing that when removed it will not leave any trace of adhesive or the paint will be taken from below. Especially directed to the sector of decorative painting, where the surfaces are really delicate: venetian walls, valuable picture frames, painted murals, etc ...

At Daevi we do not stop innovating, so we are already working on new types of plastic rolls with special tape for very specific surfaces.

If you need a product with a special tape, tell us, we will do a manufacturing study for that special product.


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