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New Daevi's product, the Shrink-wrap cover HEATCOVER

Daevi offer a new product: HEATCOVER Shrink-wrap cover: the protection for vehicles, boats, machinery, structures, etc ... really useful for storage, transport or wintering.

According our know-how, we always try to satisfy customers needs. So we listen market and customers.

This time, the product they claim is a temporary protection for storage, transport or wintering. This product is the HEATCOVER Shrink-wrap. And Daevi has in its catalogue from now.

The HEATCOVER is the protection solution for boats, vehicles, machinery, structures and any element that needs protection during its non-use, its transport or its manipulation.

We tell you its features:

Extra-widht size avilable, until 16 meters. It is possible to cover big surfaces , such as superyachts, applying only one sheet.

Bidirectional contraction. Total encapsulation, being kept smooth and tense both horizontally and vertically. Keeping the film tense for long time.

Easy and complete sealing. Adaptable to heterogeneous surfaces.

Flexible and multi-purpose film as temporary refit or paint shelter, prevention against environmental elements during transport and storage.

High UV protection

Long life durability: 18-24 months, if film has no damages.

Excellent mechanical resistance and tear strenght.

High cost-efficiency. Lower investment with respect to the use of canvas covers.

If you have any doubt or query, don't hesitate contact us.

Structure Shrink Wrap


  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Eli Martín