DC 13 Elite

Dellapasqua DC
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Aggressive, performing and comfortable with a easily managed and reliable bottom, the new line of Dellapasqua motoryachts.

Make a new, modern, high-tech boat that is at the same time the synthesis of our almost fifty-year experience. Find the balance point between tradition and innovation, in order to respect the constructional principles that distinguish our beloved boats: safety, sturdiness, comfort and performance. It is therefore with great proud that we are going to present our DC 13 Elite.

The bottom works represent our “tradition”: deep-V-shaped bottom as main and unquestionable characteristic of all Dellapasqua fleet, winning and powerful but also waves. The upperworks represent the “modernity”: the lines are aggressive, like a true racer, but also soft and harmonious, so you will never get tired of them. The hard top and stern garage opening systems represent the “innovation”: technology will make your staying more relaxing. The outside has been carefully planned: you will be able to sunbathe on the huge and comfortable stern and fore cushions or have a rest and a drink on the big sofa, in the dinette sheltered by a futuristic roof that can be opened electrically and with luminous windows having tapered lines.

Thanks to the large and safe gangways, you will go without hesitations from the bow to the stern platform, incredibly huge, ideal for your playtime.

Remarkable volumes, valuable essences and precious tapestry distinguish the DC 13 Elite.

Cosy and comfortable inside, big rooms, high-class fittings, large use of precious woods and soft fabric: it is really a refined and inviting interior. One of our best services: we can personalize any boat, meeting your most personal requirements.The DC 13 Elite is the right boat to live the sea everyday: despite its sports character, it is so reliable and safe that it can give you unforgettable moments during long and quiet sea voyages.

DC 13 Elite

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