DC 7 Elite

Dellapasqua DC
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Even with medium-power engines, the boat is able to plane in a few seconds and to get the top speed in a very short time. The deck offers a wide sunbathing area, interrupted by a quite big porthole for the lower deck airing and lighting. A burnished plexiglas racy wrapper "protects" the big cockpit that closes over a wide stern area. Such area ends in a large bathing platform, equipped with a useful folding ladder.


Large area with a distinctive lowering of the walking surface in comparison with the deck and the stern area, so that the pilot and the passengers are protected against sprinklings and wind.

The steering position reflects the sporting line of the DC 7 Elite: it has a big instrument panel including the control instruments placed on a briar surface. The control levers are on the right of the pilot, who has a comfortable seat at his disposal; same arrangement for the copilot''s seat, in front of a panel with an object-holding surface and peak below.

There is a long sofa with tubular back behind the two seats; it can be lowered in order to enlarge the stern area.

Between the fore seats there is the easy passage to go into the night-time area, consisting of a comfortable double bed and in case of need a sea WC; the whole area has excellent airing and lighting.

DC 7 Elite

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