Impressive and Efficient Pump Result

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When Aurobindo saw the DESMI pumps in another plant in Hyderabad, India, and heard about the easy maintenance and energy savings, they agreed to buy 11 pumps for their plant, too.

”We are very impressed,” says Mr. A. Rajasekhara Reddy when asked about the DESMI pumps and their performance. Mr. Reddy continues, ”The pumps have been in operation for more than a year and we have seen great results in energy savings. So far, we have had a 20% energy saving, which is very satisfactory.”

When asked about the co-operation with DESMI, Mr. Reddy makes clear that he is very happy. ”When the pumps were installed last year, everything went very smoothly and quickly so that our production could run according to plan and without any breakdown, which was very impressive,” says Mr. Reddy.

The 11 DESMI centrifugal pumps are used for the supply of chilled water for AHU (Air Handling Unit) operation & chiller operation. All 11 pumps run more or less 24/7, but to make sure they only run at full speed when needed, an automation system has been installed, and this is the reason for the 20% energy saving.

During the time of operation, the pumps have performed very well and very little maintenance has been needed. ”Our service engineers are very happy about the pumps, too. The pumps are very easy to maintain and almost maintenance-free,” says Mr. Reddy.

Impressive and Efficient Pump Result

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