Energy Savings on Board Aurora

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Yearly savings at +200,000 kWh on new pump installations on board Aurora is a fact and matches the mission of ForSea being “The most sustainable, customer focused company, striving for zero emission”.

In 2017 Aurora was rebuilt to one of the worlds largest battery driven ferries. To optimize the energy consumption and to save battery capacity ForSea had to start measure all energy consumers to get a picture and understanding of the energy balance.

ForSea invested in an energy management system called BlueFlow and also added some subsystems for a larger amount of measuring points.

One of the conclusions was to install VFD drives which would be a huge benefit in energy saving. Christian Andersson, Senior Chief Engineer explains:

“We decided to start with the largest consumer - the seawater pumps as we have had a good experience with the original installation, the natural choice was asking DESMI to deliver the new seawater system (pumps, electrical motors, software and sensors)”.

The vessel ‘Aurora Af Helsingborg’ was originally equipped with four DESMI sea water pumps, two on each side of the vessel because of redundancy.

Each pump had an 55kW 2-speed electrical motor installed and though the vessel was built in 1992 the pumps started to be obsolete and had to be changed to maintain the vessel’s needs.

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Energy Savings on Board Aurora

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