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Absorbent boom for the absorption of hydrocarbons

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Ideal for containing and absorbing oil pollution in ports and harbours

Floating dam for depollution on water (hydrophobic).

Used to retain oil on the water and to absorb it.

Anti-pollution boom made of 100% cork granules, fitted with a protective net.

Thanks to the metal snap hooks, they can be hooked together to form a continuous barrier.

In addition, the traction rope facilitates the handling of the dam when it is saturated.

Product advantage: does not leak even when saturated with product.

Ideal for retaining and absorbing oil in harbours or protecting boats from pollution or floating debris.

Dim : Ø 20 cm x 3 meters

Box of 4 dams (12 meters)

Dam weight: 6 kg (24 kg / box)

Exists in lengths of 6 meters.

Absorbent boom for the absorption of hydrocarbons