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Exit Carbon introduces Naked Carbon™

Elevating Performance, Redefining Style of the gangways!

Exit Carbon leads the industry by crafting carbon products with cutting-edge aerospace technology (prepreg and autoclave). This advanced and unparalleled technique minimises resin content, ensuring maximum performance with minimal weight.

Major investments in the production cycle led to a groundbreaking new finish: Naked Carbon™. This finishing showcases the raw and purest beauty of carbon fiber made in autoclave, polished to shine. The result? Unequaled scratch resistance, and significant cost savings.

Discover the first Naked Carbon products in our renowned gangway collection:

Aurora Naked Carbon™: 216 cm of pure performance, now at €3290

Libera Naked Carbon™: 285 cm of sleek elegance, now at €4175

Allegra Naked Carbon™: 350 cm of luxurious stepping, now at €6580

Prefer our own distinguished transparent glossy look? Our painted Aurora, Libera, and Allegra gangways are still available at their original price and benefit from our enhanced production process for an even more brilliant and uniform finish.

Choose Exit Carbon – where aerospace technology meets unrivaled craftsmanship. Embrace the Naked Carbon revolution and step into a new era of lightweight performance.


  • Via Industria, 43, 30010 Camponogara VE, Italy
  • Exit Carbon