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ANAKAO 8'6''

Superior Paddling speed, great grip and instinctive carving with perfect balance make the ANAKAO boards extremely efficient in all types of waves.

Developed together with our experienced rider Rémy QUIQUE and out Tahitian waterman Patrice CHANZY, the ANAKAO have got better once again in 2014:  2 new sizes (8'2 and 8'6), a new outline and volume distribution, refined rail and bevel development for more accessibility and a better balance with still the same great precision in the surf.

In terms of shape, we have kept the popular elements of these boards: A rounded but fast rocker for more maneuverability with great accelerations and a thin rear outline for maximum grip and drive. The boards remain light in all maneuvers and are easy to get through the white water thanks to their moderate forward width. The whole ANAKAO range is fitted with bevels to make the rails more efficient and forgiving.

For 2014, two new shapes have been introduced in place of the former 8'4 :

An 8'2'' x 28" with 97 litres of volume and an 8'6'' x 28"5 at 105 litres

The ANAKAO 8'10 keeps the same dimensions with a new outline and a more balanced volume distribution: 8'10'' x 29": 111 L

The ANAKAO 9'1 and 9'5 have retained their excellent shape : 9'1'' x 30": 130L and 9'5'' x 30"5: 145 L

Genuinewave boards with a vast range of use, the ANAKAO are the perfect weapons to have fun in any kind of condition and wave size. Whether your style is more into radical surf or into long curves, the ANAKAO rangE has a board that will fit your size and technical level.


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