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xControl – more than just a generator control

Fischer Panda
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These generators are renowned worldwide and have been in use for operation for twenty -five years.

In the age of modern data communications and energy systems, it is more and more important that the generator is able to integrate with an existing control and

regulation systems.

With the “xControl”, Fischer Panda offers an extremely powerful and user-friendly generator control system:

• “Plug & Play” - reduced installation effort

• Modular system - easy to expand

• Logging and display of operational data - complete control at all times

• Comprehensive event logging - long term service

• Digital panel - easy to use and multilingual

• Communications interface - integration in other control systems

• Self-test of all functions - safe and reliable system

• Automatic start - remote control of generator

• Fast control - stable energy supply

The “xControl” comprises of three main components which are connected together

using quick-connection plugs. These are the digital panel, a connection box on the

generator and the actual control unit. Through intelligent communication of these

three system components, a reliable operation of the generator is ensured.

The “xControl” management system offers a easy to operate system, a modern and

simple system architecture and a modern communication interface.

xControl – more than just a generator control

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