Experiencing Fischer Panda Hybrid Drive Systems

Fischer Panda
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Several boats with different propulsion systems and the new EasyBox System, e. g. a 10 kW Aziprop motor or a 2 x 30 kW shaft drive, were available for testing.

Very good manoeuvring capabilities, a great thrust, rotatable electric motors and bus control are all characteristics which represent the modern and user-friendly Fischer Panda drives.

The EasyBox System is a "plug & play" system where the two components control and engine can be easily connected. Its installation is very easy. All important electrical connections are preinstalled at the motor controller when it is supplied. The price-performance-ratio is very good.

The new hybrid drive system from Fischer Panda is the third generation of diesel-electric drive systems with a fully integrated power system on board. The heart of this system is the new Fischer Panda C3 cockpit that enables the skipper to monitor everything and to control the power consumption on board.

Command, Control and Communication are the key elements of the new C3 cockpit. All components are connected via a bus system, so that they communicate with each other by sending and receiving signals for further processing. The status, parameters and values of all connected components such as the drive system, control panels, the generator, on-board devices and the batteries are displayed so that the captain has full control. The skipper has full command - he can change parameters and switch devices.

The Fischer Panda C3 cockpit has been designed as a modular system and can be installed as a standard power system (even without a drive system). All data that are relevant for energy, power and propulsion systems are analysed.

If you are interested to test drive one of Fischer Panda''s boats with diesel-electric drive or would like to learn more about the EasyBox, please contact www.fischerpanda.de. The boats are currently moored on two popular German lakes (Steinhuder Meer, Edersee).

Experiencing Fischer Panda Hybrid Drive Systems

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