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What to consider before choosing a boat seat

There are many available chair options to choose from. Before you begin your research, we advise you to take into account your specific needs and to determine what it is that you expect from the purchase you intend to do.

We believe that the most important factor is that the boat chair must suit your needs so that you have it for a long time.

• Think of who will be using the chairs. Which are the persons that will most often use them;

• Think of each person’s body type separately. Study whether some might have specific needs such as:

-back pain (need for a chair that supports the back)

-overweight (need a heavy duty type chair)

-very tall person (need for a larger type chair)

-elderly person

• Study the available space on your boat. How many chairs can fit and what is the size of the table(s)?

• Think of your particular lifestyle onboard, your habits, what suit you best for dining.

• Make a note of the available storage space onboard.

• Aesthetics are important; what colors dominate your boat? Will the chairs match the interior decoration; you might want to ask your wife for her opinion.

• Take into account the materials used on your deck

• Consider all the above quietly

You are now ready to make the best choice.

Forma Marine is a leading brand in the marine market since 1978.

What to consider before choosing a deck chair
What to consider before choosing a deck chair

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