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PURE '15 | 3.8 -> 5.7

Gaastra Windsurfing
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New outline with a straight leech; we kept the luff and boom lengths similar. Compact Batten Positioning brings the battens (and so the center of effort of the sail) down. Stabilized Head Configuration and revised panel layout with less seams, yet we added 2 seams in the top half of the sail (and incorporated stiffer battens) for better profile stability.Improved reinforcement to the clew area with an X-ply panel between clew and Monofilm window for added protection. We refined the luff curve and modified the shape in the seams, making the sail’s profile shallower at the foot batten. And with revised sizing, the few sails on offer have more efficient wind ranges. The PURE retains the Dacron Luff panel as it is the best option for smooth feedback and neutrality.

PURE '15 | 3.8 -> 5.7

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