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NEW: heads-up instrument readout system for sailboat racing by Garmin

Garmin Nautix™ In-view Display

View Marine Data Everywhere in Plain Sight

Featherweight device attaches easily to either side of most sunglasses and eyewear frames to put key marine data in your line of sight

Displays speed, heading, water depth and temperature, wind direction and engine RPM — streamed from a compatible onboard Garmin device

Provides hands-free, in-view display to enhance situational awareness

Glove- and wet weather-friendly touch panel allows you to swipe between data displays

Color display ensures readability in all conditions; can be worn with polarized or prescription lenses.

Garmin Nautix in-view display keeps important NMEA 2000® data in plain sight¹, no matter where your sight is directed on the boat or horizon. Now you have a convenient reference that displays critical boat data at all times. Fishermen can keep an eye on water temperature or depth, boat speed and RPM. Sailors can watch the race start countdown timer and other advanced racing data. And if someone else takes over the helm, such as when you are fore dropping anchor, you can still keep an eye on things.

Made for the Marine Environment

Durable, weatherproof design is built to withstand harsh marine environments. The touch panel is glove- and wet-friendly so you can rotate through data screens even in rain or sea spray. A simple swipe of your finger across the bar changes display screens.


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