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The features of “GENMA” scraper ship unloader are once again improved

After many years of research and technological development, the features of “GENMA” scraper ship unloader are once again improved.

In June 2017, “GENMA” scraper ship unloader was officially introduced to the public. Since then, this type of product had officially filled in the gap in the domestic market and broke the monopoly market controlled by foreign markets for many years. Recently, there are good news coming from echnology Center of Nantong Rainbow Heavy Machineries Co., Ltd., stating that after 2 years of repeated testing and the incorporation of the stimulation optimization of EDEM Bulksim simulation software, “GENMA” scraper ship unloader has achieved significant breakthrough in the areas of energy conservation and machine efficacy. Comparing to the traditional grab ship unloader, the efficiency of “GENMA” scraper ship unloader has improved at least 25% and that unit energy consumption has decreased by 30%, this marks another solid step forward “GENMA” has taken as an effort to protect the environment.

“GENMA” scraper ship unloader is used primarily for unloading activities at grain and fertilizer landing docks. It is suitable for any type of ships, such as seagoing vessel or barge that occupy less than 100,000DWT.

The unloading efficiency of “GENMA” scraper ship unloader reaches 1,500 tons per hours, unit energy consumption is lower than 0.4 kWh/t, hence, it is equipped with excellent cost advantage. At the same time, it is highly reliable and has a closed tank conveyor environment; hence it solves the dust pollution problem that traditional products usually face and really achieve the goal of transporting with the mean of environmental friendly method.

As the market becomes more inclined towards environmental friendly product, the environmental friendly feature of “GENMA” products will significantly increase competitiveness of ‘GENMA” in the market. “GENMA” will then seize this opportunity to continue to work on the development of environmental friendly products in order to contribute further to port.

The features of “GENMA” scraper ship unloader are once again improved


  • Shanghai, China
  • Weil Li