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GENMA released a number of new products, redefining the concept of energy efficiency of the port machine

Nantong Rainbow Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Rainbow Heavy Machinery”) &Koch Solutions acquisition signing ceremony and “GENMA” environmentally friendly bulk material equipment introductory conference ended successfully at N

Nantong Rainbow Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Rainbow Heavy Machinery”) &Koch Solutions acquisition signing ceremony and “GENMA” environmentally friendly bulk material equipment introductory conference ended successfully at Nantong on July 9, 2019. Grain Robot, Catenary Bucket Chain Ship Un-loader, Scraper Ship Un-loader, Bucket Chain Ship Un-loader, Cement Pneumatic Ship Un-loader, Grain Un-loader and mobile harbor crane, a total of 7 GENMA products made a grand debut on that ceremony.

Huang weifeng, secretary of Gangzha district, Jürgen Barke, State Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Saarland, Germany, Wu Jian, Chairman of Rainbow Machinery Co., Ltd. attended the conference and delivered a speech. Agents, suppliers, customer representatives, financial institutions media, etc., more than 300 guests from all over the world witnessed the event. The newly released GENMA products focused more on efficiency and environmental protection. GENMA team employed innovative techniques to create innovative designs and redefine the concept of the high efficiency of port machines.

Looking back at the development of the port machinery industry in the year of 2018, efficient intellectualization, energy-saving and environmental protection are the trends for future development. Ports and terminals in the country and abroad are accelerating the proses of upgrading intelligent operation, and the market growth potential is huge. At present, the port machinery industry is in need of equipment products with the characteristics of high efficiency, intelligence and environmental protection.

Therefore, in 2019, GENMA brought in a newly upgraded and highly efficient, intelligent environmental protection series products. This series of new products were independently developed and designed by Rainbow Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., and has many advantages such as “highly efficient, intelligent, energy-saving, environmentally friendly”.


"Efficiency" is the eternal pursuit of GENMA. Among the newly released products, GENMA's third-generation mobile harbor crane has an operating efficiency improvement of nearly 20% compared to the previous two generations of mobile harbor cranes. The third-generation GENMA mobile harbor crane not only enables the grab to be able to adapt to a variety of materials, but also optimizes each grab action, and can capture the material to the maximum extent within different working ranges, and to realize the functions of the design in order to grab more material per unit time. Yes, grab becomes more efficient!

The newly released “GENMA” Scraper Ship Un-loader also showed impressive strength in saving energy and boosting efficiency. After two years of repeated testing, the unloader is now combined with the optimization of EDEM Bulk-sim simulation software. If compared with traditional grabs, the current unloading efficiency of the product has increased by at least 25%, and the unit energy consumption is reduced by nearly 30%.


Intelligentization is the forward direction of national strategic development. "Made in China 2025" also leads the development of product technology in the direction of intelligence (intelligent technology, intelligent equipment). Intelligentization not only reduces the difficulty of the operational process, but also creates greater value for customers. This is the innovation force of GENMA products.

The upgraded GENMA mobile harbor crane is equipped with a smart loading and unloading system and reliable anti-shake technology to quickly calculate, select loading and unloading paths and execute work plans in a short time. All these seemingly intelligent and complex operations only require the operator to set the starting point and the target point of the job. The system automatically calculates the path of the job. With the updated and anti-shake technology, the container operation is smoother and more stable, which means that it saves more time in the boxing process, greatly improves efficiency and reduces the operator’s workload.


The innovation of GENMA products lies in lightweight and energy-saving. Compared to other ship unloaders, the GENMA Scraper Ship Un-loader has an unloading efficiency of 1,500 tons per hour and a unit energy consumption of less than 0.4 kWh/t, which poses an excellent cost-saving advantage.

During the conference, GENMA also launched a grain unloader called G-bot,and a “positive and negative pressure integrated conveyor” for unloading soybeans, corn, wheat and other types of grain; large tonnage negative pressure pneumatic unloading machine for powdery materials such as cement and mineral powder. The peak unloading efficiency of the GENMA large-tonnage negative pressure pneumatic ship unloader reaches 400 t/h, and the power consumption is 1kwh/t. The new structure of the pneumatic unloader is simpler and more compact, lighter-weight, simpler in operation, less in clearance volume, and higher in production efficiency. The pneumatic unloader uses a high-power and high-speed permanent magnet motor to drive the fan to improve transmission efficiency while reducing energy consumption.

Energy consumption of the GENMA chain bucket unloader is low, and the specific energy consumption coefficient is 0.2~0.25Kwh/t. The clearance volume is extremely low, and can be controlled below 2.5%. The hopper of the overhanging section can be closely attached to the hopper to grab material, and it is not necessary to arrange a cleaning machine such as a pusher for this kind of unloader.

Environmentally Friendly

Regarding the environmental performance of Gemma's third-generation mobile harbor crane products, we shall start explaining from 2 points of view:

On one hand, basic environmental performance: we provide customers with the option of shore power. Users can easily switch between diesel engines and shore power.

On the other hand, hydraulic accumulators can store and reuse energy. This is a new feature of the third generation GENMA mobile harbor crane. It is worth mentioning that we chose to employ the leading energy storage technology in the market, which is very stable and reliable in nature.

For GENMA scraper ship unloader, pneumatic unloader and other equipment, the material conveying process is in a sealed state, so it is free of material spills and possesses good environmental performance, hence solves the common dust pollution problem of traditional equipment, and truly achieve environmental protection.

In addition to the characteristics of high unloading efficiency and energy saving, GENMA catenary ship unloader, GENMA Gantry chain unloader and the GENMA bucket chain unloader also pose other highlights. The research and development team of Rainbow Heavy Machinery has conducted in-depth research and made many R&D innovations.

GENMA catenary unloader uses an endless rope winch system for ship movement. This feature ensures compact structure, optimizes drive arrangement, shorten the length and cost of the port; the chain structure is optimized to facilitate the replacement of the hopper; the belt conveyor is optimized in order to combine inclined belt conveyor and the horizontal belt conveyor.

GENMA Bucket Chain Ship Un-loader adopts a floating reclaiming head to solve the surging problem and ensure stable work process. The unique counterweight balance system reduces the center of gravity and weight of the machine; The driver's cab is independently supported and is made to ensure comfortable operation experience and good vision while in operation.

Wu Jian, Chairman of Rainbow Co., Ltd. said at the new product launch conference, “As an industry-leading company, Rainbow Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has always been committed to creating value for customers. Providing highly efficient and environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art products for customers under the premise of cost optimization, in order to accelerate the development of intelligent and environmentally friendly bulk handling equipment worldwide."

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