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GENMA's new technology attracts countless attention

Nantong Rainbow HeavyMachinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Rainbow”) has released several new GENMA products at the recently held promotion conference of environmentally-friendlybulk material equipment, which has attracted the attention of

Rainbowinvited customers and agent representatives to visit the factory to watch thedemonstrations of several GENMA physical products released during the event.

The GENMA scraper ShipUnloader is located on the northwest side of the R&D and testing base ofthe Rainbow Bulk Material Transportation System, which is mainly used to testthe operation of the GENMA buried scraper ship unloader.

The GENMA scraper ship unloaderis an extremely efficient unloading device with a capacity of 1500t per hour,which is more than 70% higher than that of the traditional grab ship unloader.The ultra-high unloading efficiency has been favored by most customers.

"This kind of efficient equipmentis good news for busy terminals. It can reduce the waiting time of cargo ships.And because it is fully enclosed and transported, has no dust pollutionthroughout, and is very suitable for modern environmentally friendlyterminals.” The comment of the head from a domestic cargo.

The GENMA high capacity pneumatic ship unloader is designed for bulkmaterials such as cement and mineral powder. The peak unloading efficiencyreaches up to 400 t/h. The process of material conveying is totally enclosed, plusnew high-efficiency feeding and the pleated filter bag, hence it perfectlysolves the dust pollution problem during the unloading process and trulyrealizes environmentally-friendly transportation.

One of the clients from Russian boardedthe overhead car and watched the whole process of cement suction. He said: “Thedesign of GENMA pneumatic ship unloader is very simple and practical, and ithas strong suppression ability against dust. The multi-stage turbine fantechnology has the advantages of greater energy saving and efficiency, and isthe best choice for bulk material terminals."

MHC is a mature port machinery productof GENMA. it showcases the intelligent loading and unloading system andanti-shake technology. This friendly technology can make the loading andunloading operation of the container smoother and more stable reducing thefatigue of the workers.

A partner from Bangladesh watched theMHC demonstration and checked the engine room, cabin and electrical room. He ispleased to say: "GENMA MHC has the strength to compete with Europeanbrands, we are confident to promote GENMA products in Bangladesh."

In addition to being surprised by the hardcore technologyof GENMA products, visiting guests were also amazed at the company's hardwarefacilities. The guests expressed that the trip was very fruitful and hoped tohave the opportunity to establish a good cooperative relationship with Rainbow.

GENMA's new technology attracts countless attention


  • Shanghai, China
  • Weil Li