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GENMA mobile harbor cranes were unveiled at Port of Acajutla

Weil Li
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On the evening of August 1, 2019, Beijing time, with the sound of the giant sea whistle, two GENMA mobile harbor cranes (GHC150) manufactured by Nantong Rainbow Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully arrived at Puerto de Acajutla.

The GENMA mobile harbor crane was unveiled in Central America for the first time. This equipment is the first port container automatic handling equipment of the five Central African ports in history. It also brings a series of technological innovations. The new GENMA mobile harbor crane will speed up the hoisting, increase the operation capacity of the port of Acajutla, and provide strong support for the domestic and international trading business in El Salvador, helping the economic development of El Salvador.

Port of Acajutla is the most important commercial port in El Salvador, Central America. The crane arriving at the port is GENMA's latest third-generation mobile harbor crane. The third-generation GENMA mobile harbor crane is equipped with intelligent loading and unloading system, reliable anti-shake technology and energy reuse technology, which is more prominent and efficient, safe, reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly with 20% efficiency increase. The equipment is expected to be put into use in October, which will increase the loading capacity of the Acajutla Port by up to 50%.

In August 2018, China established diplomatic relations with El Salvador. In November of the same year, the then President of El Salvador, Sanchez, paid a state visit to China and attended the first import fair during the visit, the two sides signed 13 cooperation documents on the establishment of the “One Belt and One Road”. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and El Salvador, El Salvador has become a new market for Chinese enterprises. The “One Belt and One Road Initiative” provides more opportunities for cooperation in various fields between China and El Salvador. GENMA will continue to seize the opportunity, and focus on technology development and innovation, and strive to create safe and reliable heavy equipment products, boosting El Salvador's economic development, and striving to become a new driving force for China's foreign trade development.

GENMA mobile harbor cranes were unveiled at Port of Acajutla

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