New gisa med® VITAL matress : DAME 2014 Nominee

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These three upholstery layers are enclosed in a double cloth cover of anti-allergenic gisa med®. This mattress material has a total thickness of about 10 cm. We can cut the material mattress to any size or shape to fit your pattern. Delivery time generally 15-20 working days from receipt of your order.

As well as providing a comfortable lying surface and ideal sleeping conditions, our gisa med® Basic & Vital marine mattresses have the advantage of permanent air permeability, thus combining the comfort of cold foam with the well-known temperature-regulating quality of spacing weave. The cover material gisa med® is protected from moulds and mildew with an innovative finishing. It undergoes no treatment with fungicide or microbicide and remains protected long-term in spite of dry-cleaning and washing. Our many years of experience with products such as DRYWEAVE have contributed to the excellence of these mattresses.

The sleeping upholstery is continuously aired from below, which effectively prevents condensation and the build-up of damp. This has a very positive effect on both the sleeping comfort and the durability of the mattress. The built-in air permeability at the base of the mattress means that a slatted bed frame is not necessary, which can save space in tight on-board conditions.

METS 2014 - stand: 01.167

New gisa med® VITAL matress : DAME 2014 Nominee

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