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Breathable DREMTOP Smock Hybridpro+ by Guy COTTEN

This new generation of smock is a real innovation.

The HybridPro+ technique is a leap forward in comfort at work.

Especially on a airproof garment like a regular smock is, it?s

justify even more to have the HybridPro+ technique to let the

body breath.

The upper part and the back of the garment is made of

Dremtech+ breathable fabric, wich as proved its worth in the

maritime industry.

The parts used most are made of Nylpeche fabric, a reference

in terms of durability.

The lower back part is made in Cap Coz Fabric that brings

comfort softness and strength.

Provided with the famous "MAGIC" hood that turns with your


The sleeves integrate neoprene cuffs for better comfort and


Fabric description : DREMTECH+ fabric/ Highly technical

breathable, comfortable, tough fabric. Comprising 3+2 layers: 3

for breathability with hydrophile lamination and micro-porous

coating, 2 for the inside integrated lining and the outer water

repellent treated fabric. NYLPECHE fabric: Very hard-wearing.

The technical characteristics of the Nylpeche fabric provide

completely waterproof garments second to none for their

strength and flexibility. PVC coating on two sides, easy to

clean. Ideal for heavy duty wear.

Available sizes : S M L XL XXL

Available colours : YELLOW/RED


  • Guy Cotten