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A REVOLUTIONARY article on the work clothing market: The DREMPRO JACKET by Guy Cotten

Truly an INNOVATION, this jacket brings newfound comfort to the work environment. The upper part of the jacket is made from the highly technical breathable DREMTECH + fabric. This is a high-tech breathable, comfortable, tough fabric. Made of 3+2 layers in all.

The parts of the DREMPRO jackets that are used most are made of NYLPECHE fabric, since this is a benchmark when it comes to durability.

Moreover, it still has all the qualities and technical details that have contributed to the reputation of the brand in professional circles, such as toughness, and suitability for work.

A distillation of almost 50 years of experience and our innovative spirit, the DREMPRO jacket is probably become the best professional clothing on the market. This is because we have crossed a new comfort threshold for work clothing in the most difficult conditions.

Dremtech +: this is a high-tech, breathable, comfortable and tough fabric. Tough "3+2 layers" fabric for great durability and comfort. Nylpeche: very hard-wearing. The technical characteristics of the Nylpeche fabric provide completely waterproof garments unequalled for their strength and flexibility. PVC coating on two sides, easy to clean. Ideal for intensive and even "aggressive" uses. 485g/m².


  • Guy Cotten