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#Product Trends

PERF Life-jacket by Guy Cotten

Ergonomic at Work: Worn High on chest.

Powerful : -Lung with double wall.

-Ready to receive light or beacon.

-Certified ISO 12401

-Integrated harness (EN 1095)

A self-inflating life-jacket designed for hard-working conditions with improved comfort and safety. Very short it facilitates movements and gives the guarantee of extreme comfort in long use periods.

The outer envelope is made of Nylpêche fabric, the strongest fabric against abrasion and tears. It''s plane fabric makes easy to see if any perforations or damages.

Powerful firing pin. Dissolvable tablet - a guarantee of its effectiveness.

The Isotop and 3D jacket can be worn over the life-jacket, and are the only articles that can accommodate the full volume when inflated (150N)


  • Guy Cotten