Hukkelberg Boats brings first fully electric boat model to market.

Hukkelberg Boats
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The ever increasing product range from Hukkelberg Boats now includes fully electric propulsion options.

Hukkelberg Boats are bringing a new offering to the market. As part of their Flying Fish range, Hukkelberg Boats incorporate powerful electric motors into brand new E-CHARGE models ranging from 30 to 50 feet.

The first two boats in this series are already in production. When completed, the identical Flying Fish 37Z MK3 E-CHARGE will both go into commercial operations as they get commissioned for their primary operational duty as passenger transport vessels for an aquaculture visitors center on the west coast of Norway.

The E-Charge range of fully electric workboats are special versions of the already established Flying Fish Z-series of heavy duty workboats. Through careful optimization of hull design, weight and characteristics have been adapted to maximize the performance of the fully electric drivelines. The fully planning deep V aluminium hulls of the Flying Fish Z-series have excellent seakeeping properties and are currently in use for a wide range of applications such as search and rescue, personnel transport, patrol operations and ROV inspections. Their proven track record and versatile design make them an ideal option for aquaculture companies. Both these boats will be 11,2 meters in length and have a maximum beam of 3,3 meters. The spacious superstructures will give crew and passengers a comfortable working environment and ride experience both in terms of visibility, climate and noise level. The boats will have seating capacity for the captain and 12 passengers, as well as a large aft deck with a secondary steering position.

Both boats will feature an electric motor capable of delivering 300kW of continuous power. To handle the high torque, a heavy-duty stern drive system has been chosen. The boats will have a total battery capacity of over 250 kWh and will also feature an on board 44kW AC charger with optional 200kW DC charging.

“We are very excited about these projects as they will be the first two fully electric boats from Hukkelberg Boats. The E-CHARGE range of electric boats is our response to the market’s increasing interest in electric propulsion as more and more restrictions are placed on emissions, carbon footprint and environmental impact. Our customers on these projects demonstrate their forward-looking aspirations by investing in sustainable technology and focusing on minimizing their environmental impact by reducing emissions and sound pollution to the benefit of local environments, habitats, crew and passengers.” says Øyvind Hukkelberg of Hukkelberg Boats.

Originally founded in 1938 the family owned and operated shipyard has over the last 3 decades specialized in the design and manufacturing of high speed aluminium workboats for the professional market, sold under the brand name Hukkelberg Boats. The Hukkelberg Boat products are based on a rich history of ship building traditions, craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Known for their reliability, build quality and excellent performance, Hukkelberg Boats spanning 8-20 meters are operated worldwide as rescue boats, patrol boats, diving vessels, ROV inspection vessels, personnel shuttles, ambulance and SAR boats, survey vessels and general-purpose workboats.

Flying Fish 37Z MK3 E-CHARGE
Flying Fish 37Z MK3 E-CHARGE

Hukkelberg Boats brings first fully electric E-CHARGE boat model to market.