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Humminbird® Introduces MEGA Imaging™, Promises Greater Clarity and Detail

New select HELIX™ 9, 10 and 12 G2N products to include revolutionary MEGA Imaging™ technologies

Millions of anglers have spent the last decade experiencing the benefits of industry-changing Side Imaging® and Down Imaging® technologies. During this time, they have learned volumes about what lies below the water’s surface, while finding and catching fish faster in the process.

Hard to believe this technology could get better, but it has.

New for 2017, Humminbird® is proud to introduce MEGA Imaging™, a revolutionary new technology that provides anglers vastly improved Side Imaging® and Down Imaging® views. In terms of clarity and detail, it’s the best in the market. The fishing world has quite literally never seen anything like it.

“MEGA Imaging™ represents one of the most significant advances in fish-finding since the beginning of Side Imaging itself,” says Ray Schaffart, Humminbird® Brand Manager. “To analogize, seeing MEGA for the first time is comparable to the experience we all had when we saw flat screen HD TVs after a lifetime of console TVs. It’s a ‘wow’ moment you won’t soon forget.”

MEGA Imaging™ will be available in the following second-generation networking HELIX™ units this winter: HELIX™ 9 CHIRP SI GPS G2N, HELIX™ 10 CHIRP SI GPS G2N, and HELIX™ 12 CHIRP SI GPS G2N.

”Our R&D team spent a long time developing and testing transducers with the best operating frequencies for CHIRP digital sonar, CHIRP Down Imaging, and CHIRP Side Imaging,” says Mark Gibson, Humminbird® Director of R&D. “Our goal was to provide the very best image possible for each fish-finding technology. What you end up seeing on the screen is unreal in terms of detail. We’ve definitely reached a new level of clarity with MEGA.”


  • Eufaula, AL, USA
  • Cristiana Zama