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A step forward in superyacht accessories

I-Carbon presents its mooring system made of carbon fibre and titanium. The carbon part is made by using Sheet moulding compound (SMC), one of the most widely used forms of composite material in the automotive industry but above all an absolute novelty for the maritime industry: typical applications include demanding electrical applications, corrosion resistant needs, structural components, parts for automotive and Transport industry, aerospace.

For the maritime industry it is a significant enrichment in terms of strength, lightness, quality and durability, but mainly it is an improvement of industrial processes: the SMC production technology allows to produce a high volume of parts with strong mechanical features and cost-effectiveness.

CF- SMC is made as a continuous sheet, where long strands (usually >1”) of chopped carbon fibres and a thermoset resin past are laid on a carrier film.

Thanks to this industrial design choice the I-Carbon cleat has a curved shape and smooth edges to allow an easy clamp of the mooring line, avoiding rope consumption.

All the fittings and deck base are made of CNC machined grade5 titanium, to offer the best strength, lightness and keep it free from corrosion.

A brand new mooring System, but above all an innovative technology to move over the boundaries of marine industry. The new carbon cleat from i-Carbon is now available on



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