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New technologies for marine application - Made in Italy

I-Carbon created an innovative, retractable and stylish cleat with low aesthetic impact on the boat line.

The most innovative feature is the manufacturing process. Thanks to the experience of its professionals in different industrial sectors, the Company decided to adopt the SMC moulding technology to make the topside and CNC machined titanium for the structural and bottom parts. Sheet moulding compound (SMC) is one of the most successful fibre-reinforced thermoset composite applications in the automotive and aerospace industry. This retractable cleat is very simple and easy to use. With two sliding stems, you have just to pull it up by hand, fasten the mooring line, and push it down when you leave the dock. When it is fully lifted it is like a traditional fixed cleat. When it is retracted, there is a minimal impact on the deck, and it offers a low profile shape where the crew can hit. Two O-rings seal in the sliding bushings, guarantee a perfect watertight. It requires very little maintenance.



  • Via S. Leo, 3, 61122 Pesaro PU, Italy
  • i-Carbon