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I-Carbon currently offers 5 sizes of cleats, each suitable for a specific type of boat and its length.

The Company decided to carry out official tests to empirically verify the FEM calculations made on the working/breaking loads of its cleats.

As a result, I-Carbon obtained the certification attesting their quality and tightness, according to the reference standard, EN ISO 15084:2003, which specifies the requirements for mooring points on boats up to 24 mt.

It is important to note that all models of cleats produced by I-Carbon have amply exceeded the breaking loads required by the standard for the relevant range of use-in fact, at the prescribed breaking loads, the cleats were still fully functional.

All structural parts of the cleats, the lifting pins, are made of grade 5 titanium and are the same for every version of bollard made by I-Carbon, whether aluminium, carbon or steel.

It follows that, given the same size, all versions bear the same working loads, so the choice between a carbon or aluminium or steel cleat becomes purely a matter of aesthetics or weight. The certificate of quality (quality assessment) will be issued by the certifying body shortly and will be available to anyone who requests it.



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