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Width: 2.55 m. Weight: ca. 2500 kg

Draught: 0.80 m. Diesel tank capacity: ca. 60 l.

The L-line (Lounge) is a social boat which benefits from a steering position centrally located at the stern. With this helm position, this design meets the needs of those who want to leisurely explore waters with friends for hours on end. From the steering position the helmsman is able to maintain contact with all passengers, while they are enjoying the sun and lying back on the cushions. By optimally utilizing the space in the deck plan, the Neo L-line can best be compared with a Dutch sloop. It is up to you to decide whether you would prefer the basic or more luxurious style.

The complete version of the Interboat Neo 7.0 L (lounge)-line costs from € 38.900.


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