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Why we've created the Infinity Series

The new yachting must-have

Approximately 71 percent of the earths surface is covered in water and sometimes your boat can feel really small in the midst of all that. So, when you are out on the water with your loved ones and you’re in need of extra space, why not use a part of that 71 percent?

That’s where the Jobe Infinity Range comes in to place!

Find everything you need to start watersports from your yacht. Create a sensational playground behind your yacht with our infinity island and pool, to entertain the whole family. Protect your yacht against impact with our defenders and bumpers, to enjoy a careless day on the water.

The same technique we use in our stand up paddle boards: Heat Bonded Technology is used in our infinity island and pool. This ensures stiffness and makes sure it’s a durable product. Because we believe in our products we offer 3 year warranty after registration.

Our infinity island is modular, so you can extend your yacht until infinity.

Mix and Match at its best. We've designed watersports products as a perfect match with the new Jobe infinity series. From wakeboards, to towables, to life jackets, we've got you covered. Marine blue and vintage teal, you've got to love it.

Enjoy a careless day on the water! And create a sensational playground which you can extend until Infinity.


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  • William Doornekamp