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The REVOLUTION in lifting keel

KEY & UNIQUE features


The mechanism is suitable for a wide range of sizes for telescopic keel systems, consisting of a fixed fin and a lifting bulb.

KEY features

• Excellent hydrodynamic functional configuration and weights distribution, in all similar to deep fin and bulb keel.

• Better performance and lower weight than a fin keel cruising configuration of equivalent or deeper draught.

• Electromechanical mechanism. No hydraulic system is required.

• The size of the mechanism is limited and fixed, there are no moving parts on sight, it suits conventional layouts without parasite bulk.

• The keel is assembled and dismantled like a traditional fin keel.

• The mechanism requires minimal annual maintenance.

• Lifting the keel can be made manually in case of emergency, with limited effort or with a portable electro-tool.

UNIQUE features

The unique features of The Keel Servant systems:

• The original slides and pads guiding system guarantees a very smooth movement without vibration and the end positions are locked preventing “peals” or noises during navigation and while anchored.

• The lifting keel is operated both upwards and downwards and can be controlled by the millimeter.

• The lifting keel fully complies with the standards of the Registers in case of grounding both in raised and lowered position.

• You can sail at any sail and motor speed with both lifted and lowered keel or in the intermediate positions.


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