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Kenyon PUPS™ - The Pop Up Potholder System

Sea rails in your boat’s galley are outdated and now considered a thing of the past with Kenyon’s innovative cooktops that offer the latest in on board pot retention. With a sleek and functional design, PUPS™ will give your galley the updated look you desire.

Kenyon PUPS™, The Pop Up Potholder System, keeps pots safe and secure by using a very progressive patented design. Simply press the soft bumper down to release and the post pops up to hold your pot in place. When finished cooking and the cooking surface has cooled to the touch, depress the PUPS™ and it will lock in the down position.

Improve your on board cooking capabilities with the Kenyon PUPS™ space saving design. Gain back your valuable countertop space and reduce the cost of installation and materials. No longer needed are the obtrusive pot rails and expensive recess mounting, Kenyon has made it as easy as the press of a button!

The PUPS™ feature is available in our one or two burner units in the Lite-Touch, Mediterranean, Blue Steel and Stainless Steel series cooktops.

Kenyon International, Inc. manufactures quality American made products offering unique designs that incorporate the latest in maritime cooking technology.


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