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Texan Grill with IntelliKEN Touch Control™

Winner of IBEX 2016 Innovation Award

Kenyon’s newest product, the Texan Grill with IntelliKEN Touch Control™, won the 2016

Innovation Award for Furnishings & Interior Parts at IBEX - International Boat Builders’

Exhibition & Conference. The Innovation Award program honors manufacturers and

suppliers who bring new and innovative products for the boating industry to market.

The 2016 Innovation Award winners were announced on October 4th at the annual

Industry Breakfast. The winners were selected by a panel of judges from Boating

Writers International (BWI), a professional organization consisting of writers, editors,

publishers, photographers, broadcasters, public relations specialists and others in the

communications profession associated with the boating industry.

The Texan Grill with IntelliKEN Touch Control™ allows you to create savory meals while

providing a safe, flame free method of grilling onboard. IntelliKEN Touch Control™ is a

waterproof touch control system that integrates the latest swipe technology with userfriendly

features such as Precision Control (PC) and Direct Temperature Feedback

(DTF). Precision Control allows you to select the power setting (1-16) or the

temperature desired (150ºF - 550ºF), a feature never before available on a grill. Direct

Temperature Feedback gives you the ability to grill by temperature and time. Easy to

use, easy to clean, no smoke or flare-ups; Kenyon’s Texan Grill with IntelliKEN Touch

Control™ designed and built in the USA.

The Texan Grill with IntelliKEN Touch Control™ is expected to launch November 2016.

Kenyon products are backed by uncompromising quality and an exclusive 3-year

product replacement warranty. Make Any Day A Weekend with Kenyon!

For more information about Kenyon products, visit or call

(860) 664-4906.

Texan Grill with IntelliKEN Touch Control™


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