Give yourself a lift!

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With our Mastlift you reach the mast safely by yourself and without any help

It is versatile and on board and guarantees you safety in every situation. Our accessories provide all-round protection for mast and mastlift and increase the area of the application

afe mast climbing

Work alone at the top of the mast

Both hands are always free

No need for extra mast fittings

Just hoist the Mastlift on the halyard of your choice (preferably two halyards for extra security)

4-kant to easy roll up the line

Rope drum for taking of the supporting rope

Dyneema lines with 2100 daN breaking load

Guide roller for an optimal performance

Double integrated disc break for double safety

Rotating guide bracket. Automatically adapts to pulling direction

Folding secure for quick change of lines

Guided line exit for carrier line

Suspension device in stainless steel

Reduction ratio: 1 : 10

Multi purpose – Man overboard Recovery, General hoist

Available in two sizes (height of mast: to 45ft and to 82ft)

The endless line is included.

NEW: Our Mastlift is certificated by German Lloyd!

Give yourself a lift!

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