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Posted on 9/23/2015
IZY is the exclusive marine air conditioner which allows a full DO IT YOURSELF installation of an air conditioning system inside a boat. The air conditioner is fully contained inside a stainless steel case, which protect the unit during handling and installation. The case is internally covered for maximum noise reduction during operation, which allows the installation even into a cabin under the bed. What makes IZY different from the other traditional air conditioners in the market is that the sea water pump as well as all electric and electronic components are already installed inside the case, thus making the installation extremely quick and simple, and, which is most important too, accessible even to people without technical knowledge and to the ship-owner himself. The standard accessories kit includes all the items necessary for the installation, including sea water intake and discharge, sea water strainer, sea water pipe and air ducts, delivery and return grilles; even the hose clamps for the piping c...

All models are equipped with a wall mounted digital control panel and infra red remote controller. Thermowell range of marine air conditioners includes also traditional direct expansion self contained and split systems up to 24.000 BTU/k cooling power and chiller systems up to 150.000 BTU/h. A full overview of Thermowell’ sea water cooled marine air conditioner is on o...