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NEW: outboard deck-boat by MasterCraft

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Meet the NXT20 Global Edition: where legendary MasterCraft watersports performance meets outboard propulsion. It starts with one of the best crossover hulls ever built, mixes in a new coastal deck layout and then adds the power, speed and shallow water capabilities of an outboard to make it at home on every coast around the world. Ready for shoreline exploring and with a perfect pedigree for better skiing, wakeboarding, tubing and barefooting, the NXT20 Global Edition brings the fun to coastal waters in a big way.


Boat length 6.10 M

Beam 2.31 M

Interior width ** 2.07 M

Weight 1610 Kg

Fuel capacity 170 L

Draft .76 M Down, .38 M Up

Capacity 794 Kg

Boat height *** 2.92 M

Hull Vector Drive

Seating 12 People

Color options Infinite

Storage 1.70 Cu M

Wake Thick - Rampy Wake w/ Crisp Lip

Activity Wakeboard - Recreation (18-22 mph)

NEW: outboard deck-boat by MasterCraft

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