Teak maintenance

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It is a necessary to clean and maintain teak deck. Indeed, teak is an exotic wood which will support the bad weather, the salt air, the accidental spots... and which will gray, soak water, become deformed, be drained then crack.


The product corresponding to the cleaning is the SUN TECK.

Proceed in the following way :

- Prepare your dilution : 1 litre of SUN TECK in 3 to 5 litres of water according to the state of cloggeg teak.

- Wet teak beforehand.

- Pour this mixture. Using a brush provided with a soft brush, spread out this mixture over all surface to be cleaned. Take care that the product covers all surface.

- Let it act for fifteen minutes.

- Rinse abundantly in order to eliminate all the mixture,wich you have just poured.

The first stage is carried out. Cleaning made it possible to remove the spots of grease and hydrocarbons. You can now keep on your work without any difficulty and pass immediatly the second stage, which completes what you just done.


You will have to apply the BRIGHT TECK.

Why this second stage immediatly after the first? In order to obtain an optimum result.

In fact, the cleaning allowed you to remove spots of greasy. It is important to bring back to your teak its original color by removing black spots concerned with the bad weather and the saline air, wich denature its colour.

For that you proceed in the same way for cleaning :

- Dilute 1 litre of BRIGHT TECK for 3 to 5 litres of water.

- Wet teak beforehand.

- Spread out the mixture using a brush provided with a flexible brush over the hull.

- Take care that the solution covers all wood.

- Let it act for fifteen minutes.

- Rinse abundantly as done earlier;

This maintenance takes 30 minutes without deteriorating your teak.


After this treatment, you could apply an oil for teak.

Teak is a soft wood, which is drained with time. It is thus necessary to oil it which will nourish it and protect it from the ultraviolet rays. Apply oil in good weather, for example in middle of morning. The teak is slightly heated. It is ready to receive oil. The range includes two oils for teak: teak oil colourless, WONDER OIL TECK and teak

oil coloured, GOLDEN OIL.

Teak maintenance

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