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New MiniCat GUPPY is coming out in March

It took us almost a year of development, testing, changing and testing again but we are ready now to introduce you the all-new ‘MiniCat GUPPY’.

This boat is a fantastic addition to MiniCat family especially for those who are looking for a fun, easy, reasonably-priced first sailing catamaran.

The size is based on our very popular 310 model but with GUPPY it is all about the simplicity and speed of assembly. Due to the specially developed design of floats already fixed with the frame of the boat the set up takes you 10 minutes from start to finish. The catamaran MiniCat GUPPY is also exceptionally light (just 26 kg) and with grab-handles on the trampoline manipulation is easy especially for children.

The MiniCat GUPPY perfectly complements the current MiniCat catamaran range by expanding the versatility of the range from MiniCat GUPPY through to MiniCat 460 Esprit and will no doubts be the boat of 2018.

MiniCat GUPPY will be first introduced at the London Boat show and Dusseldorf Boat Show – BOOT (both January 2018)

Available for sale from the 15th March 2018 (for pre-orders please contact us on

MiniCat Guppy
MiniCat Guppy

MiniCat Guppy bag

MiniCat Guppy trampoline

MiniCat Guppy sail

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