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Great new MINICAT accessories for 2020

Petra Simonsova
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MiniCat is introducing a brand new FLOAT MAST

We are constantly trying to improve MINICAT brand and bring our customers upgrades and new accessories. At the beginning of this year we are coming out with some great additions which no doubt will prove very popular.

The MAST FLOAT solely developed and manufactured by MiniCat will help especially those who are worried about capsizing (turning the turtle) their MiniCat and not being able to straighten their boat back.

This clever device makes sure that your mast doesn’t turn all the way of the 180° into the water but stays floating on the surface. Definitely worth to have if you are sailing on your own.

It is available for all 310, 420 and 460 models and can be also fitted on the older, previously sold MiniCats.

More info and price you can find on our website.

Mast Float
Mast Float

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